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*REDUCED* 2015 Fiat 500e
Our Price: $12,495+tax and title fee
NADA Average Sold Price: $15,499+tax and title fee


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20,500 miles

VIN: 3C3CFFGE1FT642307

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! The Fiat 500e was sold only in California and Oregon. We've only ever seen one other come up at auction, and it was an insurance auction and had been hit pretty bad. When this one showed up at auction recently, well, suffice it to say, we were all a-twitter with excitement!

This is such a fun little car! Runs and drives great and is so cute (if cuteness matters to you).

It gets around 130 MPGe (Google this, it's hard to explain). The range is about 75 miles in moderate weather, but a bit less in the cold. After fully charging in our shop, it dropped to around 65 when we put it out on the lot.

Has heat and AC. Even has heated seats!

And there's so much less maintenance to worry about! No oil changes, no plugs or coils, no muffler or catalytic converter, or other issues that gas Fiats might have.

Charges on 110 volts.

Comes with a 110 volt charger.

Fresh State of Maine Safety Inspection.

30 day temporary plates!

Warranty of Inspectability at time of sale.

No document fees, EVER! Just the cost of the car, tax and title fee!