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**REDUCED** 1994 Solectria Electric Car


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36,000 miles

This is a 1994 Solectria electric car.

It runs and drives, but needs new batteries. There are presently some lithium packs that were put in for moving the car around the shop, but they are not working.

This car has two chargers built into it. They are working, but are for lead acid batteries, which were originally in this car. The lithiums did charge with the lead acid charger, but this is not the proper charging system for lithium batteries. You can put new lead acid batteries in or sort out of the chargers with the new lithium batteries, which makes more sense (at least to me).

To get this road-worthy, you would need a new 144v battery pack, along with an appropriate charger, new tires, and brakes.

It does operate when hooked to functioning batteries.

I am selling this as is. The Solectria drive train alone is worth the price. It is 3 phase AC.

I offer no support for this vehicle. No warranty, sold as is, where is, with no warranty implied or given. And I cannot offer any further support. There is an excellent Yahoo group for these cars, filled with experts who can assist.

If you have some interest in DIY electric vehicles, this one puts you way ahead of the curve.