Electric Vehicles

1994 Solectria Force with Lithium Batteries

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35,000 miles

This is a 1994 Solectria Electric car that came from UMass in Springfield.

It is complete.

I got tired of tire kickers and installed a pack of lithium batteries (not pictured). The car is not done yet, but it runs and you can try it out.

Not sure if the tires will take a sticker, but they are small and inexpensive.

It was on the road in the last ten years.

Everything works. An educated guess is that the current range is 30-40 miles. We can sell you more batteries for greater range.

OR you can try the car and buy it for $1800 WITHOUT the batteries.

I need this out of my shop. It belongs to a customer and they want it gone.

Price is pretty firm. The running gear alone is worth more than the asking price.

It comes with two chargers for a quick recharge. The current chargers are for lead acid batteries and might not be appropriate for the lithiums. We are looking into this.

Try finding another running electric car that goes on public roads with lithium batteries for less!

1998/1999 Solectria Force
$2795 OBRO

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From a Vermont demonstration project.

4 door sedan.

New, used body. Original body was very rusty. New body is in good shape.

Used Nickel Metal Hydride batteries which do charge.

Car does operate.

Range unknown.

Needs new charger. Batteries might be serviceable.

Currently no AC and no heat.

Sold as is.